Using a washing machine as a metaphor to help explain what greenwashing is and how to combat it.

Greenwashing is the act of misleading consumers regarding the environmental practices of a company, product or service. On entering the machine, the clothes are white, where as later, they come out green, to show that advertising influences consumers. What looks like a box of Ariel washing powder, on closer inspection, actually reads 'A real fabrication, confessional formula, this will greenwash your adverts'. Branding can spin a deceptive story, so trying to do the right thing, with the wrong information, can feel like you're going in circles. However, consumers can combat greenwashing! We can stitch them up, hang them out to dry, and press them for answers. If they don’t change, we can shrink their influence in the wash, as consumers have the power to divest! To do this you can:
Stop buying their products
Remove stocks and shares
Convinces banks, universities and local organisations to switch to environmental alternatives.

Divest from companies that greenwash.

The garments produced for the video were worn at the 'Enough is Enough' XR protest on 22.02.20 in London and at the 'Youth Strike for Climate' on the 28.02.20 when Greta Thunberg came to Bristol.

Click the 'Greenwashing Paper' button below to view my dissertation on the new extremities of greenwashing.

Bed sheet repeat pattern screenprint

Hand embroidered jumper

Hand embroidered t-shirt

Subvertised 3D washing powder box

Moving image illustrating greenwashing


With thanks to -

Lydia Braga for modelling the 'What the Shell!?' jumper.

Claire Craner-Buckley for modelling the 'Beyond Polluting' t-shirt.

Giovanni Lysaczenko for the grinding typography and destruction.