Environmental Confessions

Fessing up to the little things can help us focus on the bigger actions. Embedded within the fibres of the handmade paper are cress, rocket and lettuce seeds. Beetroot ink was made and used to stencil on the a collection of environmental guilts. The phrases can be ripped out and planted to help with accepting what we have done wrong and a promise to put it right.

In this Anthropocenic time, it is probable that feelings of guilt, hypocrisy and anxiety about the environment will be experienced. Large corporations have successfully put the pressure on individuals to make environmentally concerned lifestyle choices, whilst holding the power to make much bigger impacts, without doing so. Pressure needs to be applied to force these blame avoiding brands to produce environmentally conscious products and services for consumers to be able to make the right choices. However when we are immobilised with our own feelings of guilt, how can this be done?


Firstly, identifying environmental confessions is a good first step to inhibiting habits. Acceptance of the actions we can’t help is important. In some cases we need to buy and do things that are currently detrimental to the planet in order to live, because as consumers, there currently is no other option.


Secondly, we can reduce the impact of these decisions, as environmentally concerned choices become available. Everything you can do as an individual will help towards bringing about social change.


Lastly, and most importantly, we will not let it consume us to the point of inaction. We need to adopt the ability to not be consumed by how our individual actions make us feel, in order to apply pressure to the companies with the power to make big differences.


This publication was created to help achieve this by following the instructions on the back, as a way of signifying that you accept what we can’t help, do right where we can and fight for change that can make a difference.


We will not let it get to us, instead we will get to them.

A5 handmade seed paper publications.