A compilation of 4 recollections of the day our family home was flooded. A reflective and emotional personal project; the process of which turned out to be very therapeutic.  Although the main focus is on the dramatic freak weather event, I hope it represents our resilience through a testing time and how grateful we are to all those that helped.


The title moves within the water of the cover, representing the very definition of the word. Many of the pages are lined with water marks extracted from scanned in family photos that were damaged by the water. The paragraphs float about the pages half submerged. The images are comprised of personal photos and police helicopter footage from the day.

16.5x22.5cm book suspensfully bound between two layers of water.

With thanks to -

Tom Craner Buckley, Claire Craner-Buckley and Andrew Craner-Buckley for providing your recollections of the day we were flooded.

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