Black Penguin Pear Flavoured Gin

I was thrilled to win the live brief set by Bunker Creative to brand the next edition of Black Penguin Gin. I had the amazing opportunity of working for them, in their London based studio, for 10 weeks over summer. In that time we brought my idea from page to screen to packaged products. The 'pearguin' logo is designed to incorporate the name, the pear flavour and be symbolic of the two sided partnership behind the 'mates for life' tag line.

We launched a social media campaign encouraging people to nominate a friend, who they thought was deserving of a free bottle of gin. Inspired by the 'pass it forward' concept, we coined 'pear it forward' to encourage the spread of kind deeds. 

100 limited edition wax sealed 250ml bottles of gin each housed within its own labelled tube.

With thanks to -

Adam and Lawrence at Bunker Creative for giving me so much of your time, wisdom and instigating many a laugh.